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After Your Trip

View Your Class Data & Expand Your Knowledge

Data taken in OSO’s three learning stations during the program is recorded in our online database. Look up your school and group and each data point leads to an interactive activity called Expand Your Knowledge (EYK). EYK can be used as a post field trip activity in class or assigned as a homework assignment. [link to EYK]


Class NameGroupCityGradeDateTime
ShirakawaBrittle Star
Vampire Squid
Purple Striped Jelly
San Jose6May 23, 20198:30 AM
ShirakawaDungeness Crab
Spider Crab
Purple Shore Crab
San Jose6May 23, 201912:00 PM
Watsonville CharterAbalone
Sea Hare
Watsonville5May 22, 201912:00 PM
Ann SoldoBlack and Yellow Rockfish
Thresher Shark
Watsonville5May 21, 20198:30AM
AmestiCalifornia Gull
Watsonville5May 21, 201912:00 PM
MacQuiddyMako Shark
Green Sea Turtle
Bat Ray
Watsonville5May 17, 20198:30 AM
LincolnMoon Jelly
Purple Striped Jelly
Salinas6May 14, 20198:30 AM
LincolnSea Cucumber
Sand Dollar
Salinas6May 14, 201912:00 PM
LincolnThresher Shark
Salmon Shark
Mako Shark
Salinas6May 13, 20198:30 AM
Los Arboles MiddleRisso’s Dolphin
Pacific White sided Dolphin
Marina6May 9, 20198:30 AM
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