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FOR SCHOOL:    Carson     Grade:  5      Group Name:  Salmon Shark

Navigation Station

Measurement Time:3:14 PM
Measurement Date:11/14/2018
Bearing #1: 240 Location Steamers Lighthouse
Bearing #2: 260 Location Cocoanut Grove
Bearing #3: 300 Location Harbor Lighthouse
GPS latitude:36 ° 56' 588''
GPS longitude:122 ° 00' 870''
Weather Observation:sunny
Wind Speed:8 knots
Depth:32 feet

Biology Station

Measurement Time:3:16 PM
Measurement Date:11/14/2018
Surface Temperature:57 ° Fahrenheit
Seawater Depth:56 feet
Seawater Visibility:5 feet
Plankton Sample:about half and half
Plankton Notes:centric and chain diatoms, bristle worm, protocentrum, krill, cledosera. copepods
Seawater Color:green knots

Ecology Station

Measurement Time:3:25 PM
Measurement Date:11/14/2018
Otter Count:7
Seawater pH:7.9

Marine Biology