Surface Temperature


The sea temperature data that your class took on the boat is called a surface temperature reading. Do you remember looking at the temperature gauge on the mast of the boat? The temperature gauge is connected to a thermometer at the bottom of the boat, just under the surface of the water.

The Monterey Bay is in a temperate zone; it is an area of the earth mid-way between tropical and cold temperatures.

The temperate zone is a very comfortable place for plants and animals to live. Due to the Monterey Bay’s geographic location, there is a wide variety of animals living in and migrating through it, like the California Gray Whale.


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What species of animal lives in the Monterey Bay and also in the colder waters of Alaska?

Why do you think that the Gray Whale needs to travel so much?

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A specific place on earth. The identification of a specific area in relation to what lies around it.

The process of moving from one region to another with the change of seasons or climate.

A reproductively isolated group of interbreeding organisms.

The temperature of the layer of sea water nearest the atmosphere.

An area of the earth that is mid-way between tropical and cold, usually found in the mid latitudes. An area where the weather patterns are identified by a lack of extreme temperatures.

Animal plankton ranging from microscopic larval sea stars to huge jellyfish.